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Residential Projects

Space planning - Paris

Project: unite 2 apartments to create a family home that's trendy, modern and comfortable to live in.

Idea: expose the beams and play on the complementarity of wood and iron to create a visual harmony throughout the apartment.


Interior decoration - Alpilles 

Project: restyle the living room, dining room and kitchen of a holiday home by bringing a modern and contemporary design touch.

Idea: play with 2 complementary shades of grey in order to provide depth, bring a contemporary touch with pieces of furniture and restyle the kitchen.

Custom furniture - Paris Area

Project: design a bespoke wardrobe for a master bedroom to add storage space.

Idea: go for a minimalist approach with dark stained wood doors without visible handles alternating with 2 niches and a narrow bookcase painted in white to stand out.


Kitchen remodeling and interior decoration - Paris Aera 

Project: optimize kitchen space with a concern for functionality and keeping an eye on aesthetics and turn 2 chid’s room into 2 moderns and lively teenager’s den.

Idea: increase visual space with lacquered cabinets, stainless steel and cement tiles in the kitchen, put light furniture featuring industrial accents for the boy and wooden retro furniture and deep pile carpet for the girl.

Kitchen remodeling - Lyon

Project: create a functional kitchen in a narrow and long space and mitigate the impression of being in a corridor. Idea: give the kitchen more perceived volume by leaving one of the walls free of any high cabinets and use sleek uncluttered surfaces to amplify the feeling of space.

Kitchen remodeling - Landes 

Project: remodel kitchen and rethink space for greater practicality and color consulting for the entrance, corridor and living room.

Idea: use granite as a raw material in the kitchen and alternate between bright and soft colors to create a harmonious and lively combination.

Space planning - Paris

Project: turn an old-fashioned apartment into a contemporary place with character and personality.

Idea: swap the kitchen and bathroom areas to optimize circulation and break down the partition between the sitting room and the dining room to create a spacious living room.

Kitchen remodeling - Paris Area

Project: turn the kitchen into a functional living space for the whole family.

Idea: enlarge the opening between the kitchen and the dining room to bring in natural light and use the kitchen cabinets to link the two spaces making it a single living space during meals.

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