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After analyzing the energies of your space, professional or residential, I offer you a Feng Shui diagnosis with concrete and appropriate solutions for your well-being and your prosperity.



  • Plan your interior design project according to your needs, tastes and budget,

  • Re-think volumes and structure space,

  • Select and reference fittings, fixtures and equipment as well as colors, 

  • Get detailed quotes and select the apropriate contractors,

  • Coordinate and monitor execution.



F e n g  S h u i


Feng Shui Fees

  • Feng Shui consultation depends on the size of your home (house, apartment, office), the number of people who live there, the number of floors and your expectations (health, relationships, professional success).


  • 1st appointment to identify your needs in terms of Feng Shui: 150€ / hour (deducted from the signed quotation); if it is done remotely: 100€ / hour (deducted from the signed quotation)

  • Quote established after the 1st meeting.

  • Example for a Feng Shui Consultation for a 2 room apartment with 1 occupant: from 800€*.          

* excluding the drawing up of plans, which are quoted separately.






  • Perform an audit of your place of life / or work (external environment, interior, orientation ...),

  • Give you a Feng Shui report with improvements in the layout (place of beds, desks...) and your interior design,

  • Ensure follow-up in the implementation of these recommendations.



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“We can only recommend the work of Thomas, who thanks to his dual studies as an Interior Designer and Feng Shui Consultant brings real added value."


Sophie & Julien - Stanley/Hong Kong

  • Houzz - Gris Cercle

“It was a pleasure to get Thomas' recommendations in Feng Shui. The changes made (adding metal, water, light colors, changing the location of the beds ...) allowed us to harmonize our house."


Manon & Timothée - Cheung Sha/HK

“I had the chance to meet Thomas during a turning point in my life and his Feng Shui study gave me confidence in the decisions I was making and also provided a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture."


Hana - Sai Ying Pun/Hong Kong

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