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I have always been passionate about architecture and interior design. I am also trained in Traditional Feng Shui. I will be happy to take charge of the space planning or renovation project for your home or business. Each project is unique because it must reflect your own personality.

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After more than 20 years spent in advertising, I decided to fully dedicate my time to what I have always been passionate about: architecture and interior design. After graduating from the Esam Design School in Paris in 2011, I worked for several years in France on various residential and commercial projects, spent a year in Mexico gathering fresh inspiration and eventually settled in Hong Kong in November 2019.


Through my professional background and personal history I developed a strong sense of listening necessary to come up with creative ideas that express your personality. My training and experience as an interior designer are the guarantee that these ideas are practical, feasible and adapted to your needs and budget.

In Hong Kong, I trained in Traditional Feng Shui with Geneviève CARLE (The Feng Shui Lab), in order to broaden my skills, and since August 2021, I am an Accredited Consultant with the Feng Shui Society. My main purpose is to provide you with recommendations for designing harmonious interiors and workplaces.

I am also an avid architecture photographer. I invite you to go to to discover my pictures.

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