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Workplace Projects

Interior design - Marseille 

Project: design the reception hall of the new Parlym headquarters with a strong identity, focused on innovation and modernity.

Idea: express the "mineral and organic" concept with a spectacular tailor-made reception desk, Panbéton decorative concrete panels and wood slats.

Space planning - Paris

Project: refurbish, plan and decorate the new offices of Auvray & Associés Media Relations for a fresh and contemporary look.

Idea: capitalize on the natural light with pure white walls and provide a trendy feel with graphic details, a few touches of fuchsia and designer furnishings.

Interior decoration - Paris Area

Project: warm up the atmosphere of a communications agency's office space by creating clearly identifiable work and leisure areas.

Idea: provide coziness and coherence to the space with modern and comfortable furniture where wood is ubiquitous.

Interior decoration - Paris

Project: revitalize the entire office space as to match the image of seriousness and elegance associated with the media relations agency.

Idea: use the colors of the logo, on the walls with 2 complementary shades and add touches of fuchsia to brighten up the overall effect.

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