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Break such a wall to let in light, move a particular partition to promote circulation... I am at your side to imagine the best way to organize your interior.



  • Plan your interior design project according to your needs, tastes and budget,

  • Re-think volumes and structure space,

  • Select and reference fittings, fixtures and equipment as well as colors, 

  • Get detailed quotes and select the apropriate contractors,

  • Coordinate and monitor execution.



S p a c e  P l a n n i n g

Plan Jérôme.jpg

Steps :


  • Present you 2 design projects,,

  • Carry out sketches, 2D and 3D plans, as well as elevations for a better understanding and interpretation of the project,

  • Develop the description of the work for the service providers (contractor, kitchen designer, etc.),

  • Deliver your project on time.



Zoom escalier.jpg

“We really appreciated Thomas' work, for his advice, but also for his great listening skills and his sympathetic and involved support, throughout the project!"


Elisabeth & Marc - Paris XIV

Space Planning Fees

  • 1st appointment: 100€/hour                           (deducted from the signed quotation)


  • Fees for consulting services are calculated according to the surface to be planned*:

       • 60€ / sqft (surface is < 500 sqft)

       • 50€ / sqft (surface is between 500 &                               1,600 sqft)
       • 40€ / sqft (surface is > 1,600 sqft)                                                                                                                

  • Fees for consulting and aesthetic project management are calculated as a percentage on the total remodeling budget:

       • less than 50K€: 15% of of the contractor's                       invoice

       • from 50K€ to 100K€: 13% of the                                       contractor's invoice          

       • more than 100K€: 11% of the contractor's                       invoice


* excluding the drawing up of plans, which are quoted separately.



“We are delighted with the work of Thomas who has excellent ideas, and we greatly appreciated his availability with him for his professionalism."


Marion & Julien - Paris XV

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