Residential Projects

Kitchen remodeling - Paris

Project: remodel a kitchen with a quirky layout to make it more practical and optimize storage space.

Idea: position as many kitchen cabinets as possible on one side to keep an empty wall providing a greater feeling of overall space. Paint the empty wall in a cheerful mustard yellow.


Furniture Design - Neuilly/Seine

Project: design a bespoke piece of furniture featuring an ethanol fireplace, storage units and a flat screen.

Idea: create an original sideboard that seems to be hanging on a large deep blue board. The effect is ethereal, the design is unique, and the piece is the highlight of the living room.

Space optimization - Paris

Project: transform a spare bedroom into a home office/guestroom with a lot of storage space.

Idea: position open and closed hanging storage units in the recess of the wall to save space and use a harmony of metal and wood for a lighter rendering.

Space planning - Paris

Project: turn a shared kid’s room into 2 separate bedrooms, remodel the bathroom and optimize the master bedroom.

Idea: an industrial style glass partition keeps the natural light flowing in the girls’ bedrooms, custom wardrobes optimize space and a colorful and dreamlike decoration cheers up the parent’s bedroom.


Bathroom remodeling - Paris Area

Project: remodel two old bathrooms in a family home.


Idea: an elegant graphic black & white atmosphere in the parents’ bathroom and a fun retro look for the children.

Apartment remodeling - Paris

Project: optimize kitchen space, design a bookshelf for the living room and advise on interior decoration for an apartment in a 1970’s building.

Idea: create an intimate dining area in the kitchen, design a bespoke bookshelf that fits in the style of the building meanwhile playing with colors and patterns for a very modern look.

Kitchen remodeling - Paris Area

Project: optimize layout for more cabinet space and a larger countertop and provide more visual space.

Idea: open one of the walls to install a glass partition, remove the door and enlarge the opening to let the light in and facilitate movement.


Interior architecture - Paris

Project: combine an apartment, a studio and a maid's room and create a master bedroom with en suite bathroom.

Idea: optimize space with a bespoke staircase and storage space designed with wood and metal to provide a contemporary yet cozy atmosphere.

Kitchen remodeling - Paris

Project: remodel kitchen for a more contemporary atmosphere.

Idea: use black and white tones to create a highly graphic decoration with quality materials such as cement tiles, granite and brushed stainless steel.

Interior decoration - Paris Area

Project: create a living room with a real personality and make it more harmonious in the choice of furniture.

Idea: use a graphic wallpaper on one of the walls and select furniture with clean, modern lines, featuring a mix of iron and wood.

Color advice - Paris Area

Project: come up with a color harmony for a kitchen flooded with light.

Idea: play on the depth and intensity of Farrow & Ball paints with colors such as Vardo and Dix Blue tempered with a touch of Light Gray and its cool stone hue.

Interior decoration - Paris Area

Project: give more light and twang to the living room.

Idea: dress up the back wall with an elegant graphic print wallpaper and make it stand out while lighting up the space with Strong White paint on the other walls.

Custom furniture - Paris Area

Project: design a bespoke wardrobe for a master bedroom to add storage space.

Idea: go for a minimalist approach with dark stained wood doors without visible handles alternating with 2 niches and a narrow bookcase painted in white to stand out.


Interior decoration - Paris Area

Project: turn a little princess’ room into a cozy young woman’s room and study.

Idea: play with shades of gray and light them up with a bright yellow wall. The wooden retro furniture and the deep pile carpet contribute to a cocooning effect.

Space planning - Paris Area

Project: turn an unused attic into a guest bedroom with an en suite shower room.

Idea: create a glass partition above the bathroom door to benefit from the natural light coming through the bathroom skylight. Paint the beams in white and install a wood floor for more warmth.

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